North Texas Bass Anglers
NTBA 2015


James Sander 2015 AOY
Mike Allen 2015 CAOY
Jeff Black 2015 BBOY
6.37 lbs

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Optional 2016 NTBA Membership Dues are $35.00.

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ARTICLE I - Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name

This club shall be called "North Texas Bass Anglers" (NTBA) of Plano, Texas.

Section 2: Purpose

· To have fun, enjoy and promote the sport of bass fishing.
· To share knowledge and information.
· Promote good sportsmanship and set a good example for other fishermen.
· To conserve and preserve our natural resources.

Article II - Membership

Section 1: Membership Requirements

Club membership is based on the majority members approval. New members should complete a membership application listing name, mailing address, emergency contact, and other information when joining.

Section 2: Membership Dues

The membership dues shall be $35.00 annually (January through December), payable prior to the second tournament of the tournament year (typically the Feb. tournament).

Section 3: Membership Rights

Membership gives the member the right to fish all club tournaments upon paying the required entry fee, hold club office, vote in club elections, and participate in other club voting such as lake selection, changing bylaws, etc.

Membership along with meeting the requirements for the NTBA Classic gives the member the right to fish the annual Classic.

ARTICLE III - Officers, Elections

Section 1: Officers and Their Duties

Club officers shall consist of:

· President: Preside over all meetings, prepare the agenda, appoint all committees, execute all agreements and other instruments requiring an official signature.

· Vice-President: Act as program chairman, assist the president in his duties and preside in the absence of the president.

· Secretary: Keep accurate records and be familiar with club rules, by-laws, and membership. Handle correspondence and/or newsletter duties, and perform all clerical tasks.

· Treasurer: Maintain the funds paid to the club and disburse funds as directed, keep accurate records of said moneys, and report at meetings on the financial standing of the club.

· Tournament Directors (2): Implement the provisions of the rules of the tournament, plan and conduct the events, and act as the presiding officer or judge. The tournament director should choose from the membership one or more persons to assist with tournament duties.

Section 2: Elections

The election of officers shall be held annually at a regular meeting during the month of August. Election shall be by simple majority of members present. Election of each officer shall be held separately in order listed in ARTICLE III, Section 1.

Section 4: Term of Office

The term of office is for one year, which shall begin on January 1, and end on the last meeting of November the following year or until the successor assumes office.

Section 3: Eligibility of Vote

Each member is entitled to one vote. Proxy votes are not permitted.

ARTICLE IV - Standing Committees

All Standing Committees will serve for one year or until a new committee is appointed. The terms of the committee members will coincide with that of the club officers.

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors will consist of five (5) members:

· President
· Vice President
· Secretary
· Treasurer
· Tournament Director

The board will decide all protests and rule on all violations of the tournament rules and bylaws of the club.

Activities Committee: The Activities Committee will consist of 2 to 5 members who volunteer and/or are requested to serve by the Vice President, who will chair this committee.

ARTICLE V - Meetings

Meetings will be held at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month at Tino's Too, Plano, TX or at an alternate time and/or location if required and communicated to the membership. The basic agenda will be as follows:

· Introduction of new and/or prospective members.
· Secretary/Treasurer report (membership, money, etc.).
· Tournament Director's report.

- Previous tournament results.
- Tournament winners share information with club members (patterns, how and where caught, etc.).
- Current point standings (1st place, 2nd place etc.).
- Upcoming tournaments (time, place, arrangements).
· Old business.
· New business.
· Program (guest speakers, demonstrations, movie).
· Adjourn.

ARTICLE VI - Method of Amending the Bylaws

The bylaws may be amended at the September meeting by a 2/3 vote of the members present, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at least one regular meeting prior to the vote.

ARTICLE VII - Tournaments

Section 1: Tournament Scheduling and Selection

The club will have one tournament monthly. Tournaments will be held the Second Saturday of each month, unless that Saturday conflicts with a holiday. In that case, an alternate Saturday will be selected for that month. Tournament dates for the year should be distributed to the membership by the second meeting of the tournament year. The board of directors will set the tournament schedule by September 30th at the beginning of the tournament season. Tournament site selection, fishing hours and weigh in format (paper or actual weigh in) will be determined by member vote at club meetings.

Section 2: Tournament Site Cancellation

If it is determined that a site selection is not suitable, the alternate selection will become the tournament site.

Section 3: Tournament Postponement

If dangerous conditions exist the Board of Directors may postpone a monthly tournament by majority vote.


1. All points will be awarded on an individual basis.

2. The first place individual stringer will be awarded 100 points, second place will be awarded 99 points, third place will be awarded 98 points, etc., until all legal fish are weighed. Stringer weight will be rounded upward to the next pound and added to each angler's point total. For example, a stringer weight of 7.3 would receive 8 points.

3. All remaining participants who do not weigh fish will receive 50 points for tournament participation by being present at the weigh-in.

4. Guest points from a tournament will count only if that person joins the club prior to the next club tournament.

5. Club members participating in monthly club meetings will receive 5 points for each meeting attended.

ARTICLE IX - NTBA Classic Tournament

At the end of the tournament year, a NTBA Classic Tournament will be held for all members who have competed in at least 5 tournaments thru-out the year.

The lake and fishing times will be determined by a majority vote of the anglers who will participate in the Classic that are present at the November club meeting.

Payout for the NTBA Classic Tournament will come from fees specifically designated for the NTBA Classic Tournament and other funds from the club treasury. The amount of payout will be determined by the Board of Directors and announced at the Oct/Nov. club meeting.

Payout for the NTBA Classic Tournament will be based on team stringer weight as outlined below. If less than five (5) anglers bring fish to the weigh in, the total payout will still be awarded and pro-rated across the anglers who weighed fish.

· 1st Place - 30%
· 2nd Place - 25%
· 3rd Place - 20%
· 4th Place - 15%
· 5th Place - 10%

ARTICLE X - Angler of The Year/Co-Angler of the Year

The member having the highest point total based on a maximum of eight (8) tournament events will be recognized as our Angler of The Year/Co-Angler of the Year. Members who fish all 10 (10) events through the year will have their worst two finishes removed for qualification for Angler of The Year.

The club will provide a plaque with the angler's name and year awarded the title.

ARTICLE XI - Big Bass of the Year

The member having the largest fish brought to the club scale within a tournament season will be recognized as our Big Bass of the Year winner. A plaque will be presented to this award winner at the October meeting of each year.



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