North Texas Bass Anglers
NTBA 2015


James Sander 2015 AOY
Mike Allen 2015 CAOY
Jeff Black 2015 BBOY
6.37 lbs

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ARTICLE XII - Tournament Rules (Weigh In Format)

1. Tournaments are restricted to club members, OR, guests that a) have attended a meeting in the interest of joining, and provided personal data (phone, email, etc.), or b) are fishing with a club member.

2. All fish will be released back into the lake. The exception will be if a tournament participant catches a trophy fish or if a fish is dead at the weigh-in. One trophy fish per tournament year may be retained without penalty. A fish qualifying for the "Share-A-Lunker" program may be retained until turned over to TP&W.

3. Contestants must have a current Texas fishing license and observe all Federal, State and Local laws.

4. All entry fees must be paid or guaranteed prior to tournament start time. Anyone who plans to fish and has not paid prior to scheduled tournament start time, it is mandatory that you notify one of the club's officers prior to tournament start time to be considered eligible. The club officer who receives such notice is responsible for informing the Tournament Director.

5. Anyone who plans to withdraw from a tournament must notify one of the club's officers in advance of the tournament scheduled start time. Any fee paid by the individual who withdraws will be carried over to a future tournament. However, no fees will be carried forward to another season.

6. Club Membership Only: Fee will be $35.00 per person. The distribution is $35.00 for championship tournament prize money.

Open Tourney: Entry fee will be $100.00 per person. The distribution is $80.00 minus 20% for tournament prize money, $10.00 for the Big Bass prize of which 100% is paid back.

7. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth and Kentucky (Spotted or Guadeloupe) bass will be allowed. Lake size limits will be observed.

8. Contestants must fish from boats. No fishing within 50 yards of other contestants, unless by mutual consent.

9. All fish must be caught on artificial bait. No trolling with combustion motor allowed.

10. If trailering is allowed, all contestants will check in with tournament director prior to launching.

11. Life jackets must be worn while main engine is in gear.

12. Weigh-ins are mandatory. If you entered the tournament and do not show at weigh-in, it will be assumed that you need assistance.

13. Contestants must be in sight of the weigh-in at the scheduled time. NO EXCEPTIONS!

14. One-half pound penalty for each dead fish.

15. Protests must be in writing within 30 minutes after an event to be turned into tournament officials. Decision of the judges is final, and all participants have the right of protest.

16. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed during tournament hours.

17. No pre-fishing after 9:00pm the day prior to start of the tournament.

18. Tourney Payout: Tournament payout will be 1 place for every 4 teams. If 11 or fewer contestants enter a tournament, 60% will be paid for first place and 40% for second place. Payouts will be based on total team stringer weight. 100% big bass.

19. A "team" can consist of one or two anglers in a single boat. Team members cannot fish in separate boats.

20. If only one team weighs fish, they will receive the entire tournament payout. If no team weighs fish, entry fee credits will be carried for each participant until the last tournament of the year. Entry fee credits will be zeroed after the last tournament of the year.

21. Fish that measure short (less than the minimum required length) or long (above the minimum slot length, or "in the slot") will be immediately returned to the lake and no penalty will be assessed. The official measure board will be a Check-it-Stik.

22. In tournaments on a protected slot lake, if no fish over the slot is weighed in, the big bass pot is won by the angler with the highest individual stringer weight.

23. Decisions of the tournament director will be final in all matters.



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